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A Humble Appeal

Pyarryo Jio,

Please allow me to introduce my self a newly recovered stroke patient, 68 years, who in the past 10 months been travelling in Singapore,Malaysia Thailand alone visiting Sikhs in their busiess, homes and gurdwaras for donations for the first Gurmat School in Indonesia..

FYI  the Sikh and Punjabi culture amongst the Indonesian Sikh is on the brinks of extinction. It is the hope, desire and vision of the Sikh community leaders living in Jakarta to revive the basic fundamentals of our Sikh religion in our country that has almost lost about 70% of its youth who have lost touch with the spoken language as well as the Sikh /Punjabi culture.

As s result of this precarious situation where our next generation may wither away in Indonesia, the founding fathers of the gurudwara Yayasan Social Guru Nanak has taken up the initiative to attract our younger generation of Sikh to be brought back to our fold to take part in the study and culture of the Sikhs.  In order to achieve our aim restoring the language and culture of our rich and prosperous Punjab, we have embarked on a crusade to seek funds from every corner where our members of the Sikh in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand , Brunei, Hongkong, Myanmar India etc. etc.

We are very small community of Sikhs in Jakarta but its our ambitions and desire that we all shall make every efforts to make this dream of ours come true that is set up the Sikh Academy in Gurmat studies in Jakarta that shall become the focus and center point of the Sikh studies in South East Asia/Asean..

To this end, we are in dire need of funds and appeal to every individual of the Sikh Community to come forward and donate whatever small sum it may be, so that our vision and dream of saving our language, religion and culture will not be vain, donate genoursly to this cause so that our next generations will not point a finger at us that we did not do enough when we could have done. Your donations will help us to not only save our Community from extinction but to stand proud amongst all other races to be accounted for. Every cent donated for this worth cause will not only bring the cherished dreams of thousand who  are trying to bring back the lost treasures of our community  but a new world in a new world in a new beginning. In this fast moving world of ours.

The school project is 90% complete and with the Blessings of Almighty Waheguru could be opened in 2012.

Kindly forward your donations to for the first Gurmat School in Sikhism in Jakarta and with your help and assistance we are positive the slogan ‘RAAJ KARE GA KHALSA’ shall prevail and once again our youths who have now led astray will be brought back to our SIKH CAUSE/FOLD. Kindly donate to help us meet the RM 2 Million expected cost, when completed. Donation could be collected from the sanggat and handed to Sardar Balwant Singh,one of the founding fathers, who shall be present on most occasions in Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand and UAE when this announcement is made at your gurudwara or make out cheques/drafts/money orders made in favor of

Yayasan Sosial Guru Nanak c/o Bank Permata cabang ITC Fatmawati,Jakarta Selatan Indonesia. Account number 0701351959, Swift code BBBAIDJA

For more info/inquires kindly  contact the following: S.Daljit Singh +62811998667, S.Satnam Singh +62811195945/Sardani Iqbal Kaur +6281382111090/S.Balwant Singh +62816953416, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

May the blessings of Nanak be upon you and your families.

In the service of Nanak

Sanggat da dass

Balwant Singh Jakarta (also in Facebook)

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Jl.RS Fatmawati 9 CDE,

Jakarta ( South)


Tel:  6221 739.6561/722.2874./739.6037

Fax:  6221 722.2874

Hp:   6221 816.953.416 and at present visiting Malaysia : hp no: 0162.928.467

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please kindly visit te Jakarta gurmat school website:


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