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Malaysian Gurdwaras Council


Gurdwara Bangkok

Photo: Gurdwara Bangkok speech by Balwant Singh making an appeal to the sadhsanggat to donate for the Jakarta Gurmat school in Indonesia.


Photo: Balwant Singh with Sardar V.Harcharan Singh of Gurdwara Council Malaysia.

Photo: Balwant singh of Jakarta Gurmat school with Giani Sukhdaiv Singh of Gurpuri Orphanage.

Photo: HongKong gurdwara "Saropa "

FYI  thanks to the generous donations of the Holy sadh sanggats of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Hongkong,India,Burma and Indonesia  the Jakarta Gurmat School Project (for the benefit of our future Sikh children) is 90% complete. We pray that  by the Grace of Almighty Wahe guru,it could be ready to be officially opened in 2012 in collaberation with  Khalsa Diwan Malaysia. We would be greatly  honored if you could please grace the occasion by you and your family's kind presence on the grand opening.


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