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Gurmat School in Ciputat,Tangerang Selatan,

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south of Jakarta, Indonesia

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa,Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

Pyari Sadhsangat jio,

The holy Guru Granth Shahib Ji is written in gurmukhi script (Punjabi) so it is our primary aim that our younger generation should learn the Punjabi language to understand our religion and culture.

“  Those of you who have children in your life know how important they are and how they make us feel.  As adults our job is to train them, teach them, learn from them , yet set a foundation and structure for them to excel. “Spare a thought for the many Sikh/Hindu children around you who cannot afford some of the basic necessities of school life. You could be the reason a child can dream of a better future... a future of promise and freedom for fair chances, and a smile for life.”.

Children need Value-based High Quality Modern education enabling them to imbibe the virtues of sharing, doing selfless service and devoting one's life doing benevolence and promoting universal brotherhood, embracing humanity and praying for welfare unto all.

In Indonesia today, many families struggle to survive on less than Rs. 20,000/-  a day. SOME Children often receive only one meal a day. Parents know that educating their children is the best way to help them escape the vicious cycle of poverty, but the  majority cannot afford to send their kids to proper school. Sikh Girls especially have little hope of ever receiving a Sikhi based education in Indonesia a Muslim country. Our Mission is to bring about socio-economic awareness in Indonesia through education of underprivileged children. In keeping with this focus, we suggest a Indonesia Sikh Educational Society (ISES) or a similar body to  be formed by all Gurdwaras in Indonesia, which would be involved with a project that is secular and has an education-related.

Foundation stone laying ceremony was conducted in a unique style. After the Akand Path Bhog,Sri Nishan Sahib was hoisted accompanied by the ladies and children choir sing of patriotic and inspiring Shabads. After all the sadhsangat went back to the Darbar Sahib for the Kirtan & Katha by the Giani,The final Bhog was echoed with ‘jekares’Bole So Nihal,SAT SRI AKAL.After the Krah Parsaad was served.The Panj Pyares led the entire sanggat to the foundation stone laying point.The Giani ji  did the Ardass invoking the Waheguru’s blessing.One by one the Elders of the community performed the cement pouring/placement into the foundation site.Then all of them put their respective signatures to the “document  dedicating the Gurmat school project  to the future generation-deed”.Ten kids representing the younger future generation, approached the elders, after saluting them Waheguru ji ka  Khalsa,Waheguru ji ki Fateh,they extended their arms to receive the signed ‘documents”from the respective elder they were facing. After bestowing the”signed token of baton”the elders embraced the kids.The Panje Pyares  blessed the kids one by one by giving theirs” ‘asirwa’seal of approval".

As you may know at Selatan Gurdwara(Yayasan Sosial Guru Nanak) we are  to help in this process by creating resources and services geared towards kids, in a way that children of our current age can relate to and understand.

A Gurmat School,the foundation stone laying was done  on Vasakhi,April 14th 2010 recently by Sardar Lal Singh(President Gurdwara Pasar Baru),followed by Mr Mohinder Singh Gill (President,Gurdwara Tanjung Priok),Mr Hazara Singh Kotli(Historian),Pandit Sohanlal (elder Hindu community rep.)Mr. Jagat Singh Delorpur( prominent Sikh elder),Mr.Joginder S. Rahal (advisor Gurdwara Tegh Bahadur,Medan),Mrs. Pritam Singh Padri( A pious Sikh lady),Mr.Nirmal Singh Roorki( Sikh community expert),Mr.Balwant Singh s/o Master Darbara Singh ( ex-Khalsa School Medan teacher),Mr. Harcharan S. Weipui( President Gurdwara Binjei,North Sumatra),Mr. Jeswant Singh Pardri ( Ciliduk Sikh leader)Mr.Pritam S. Cebaal (Sikh history Expert)Mr Harjan S. Bhuller( Ex-President Gurdwara Yayasan Sosial Guru Nanak) and the entire committee members of the Selatan Gurdwara and well-wishers.

The aims and objectives of the Gurmat school Committee is to develop a complete socio-religious and cultural education that enables Sikh children to learn about the Sikh religion, history, literature, kirtan, the Sikh way of life about culture and heritage. The Gurmat school  also aims to make our Sikh children be aware of their identity and spiritual well being This will enable them to enhance interaction and effective communication in their family and community closing the increasing gap, which is threatening our community as a whole. The Parbhandak of Gurdwara Selatan(Yayasan Sosial Guru Nanak) with the Blessings of  Waheguru and full participation and whole-hearted support of all the pious sadhsanggats of Gurdwaras in Indonesia,Singapore,Malaysia,Brunei and Thailand, is trying to  help in this process by creating resources and services geared towards kids, in a way that children of our current age can relate to and understand.

Looking at the dire state of affairs of our community, a great pain and discomfort is felt from deep within (Panthak Dard).Our Holy Great Master Waheguru has bestowed His Grace on some OF us, by creating a desire for something to be done  for the betterment of the community at large (Panth).The heart yearned and bubbled over to spread the vast teachings of our beloved Masters ( Guru Sahiban). It still does continuously. There is enormous willingness on our part to toil day and night to do this. But, being a social being and living within a large Sikh community, we have to seek the help of one and all.

We have many ideas, but we need your help. Please think about all the Sikh children around the Jakarta who will benefit from the services we hope to create in  the Gurmat school. Please join us in and become part of the Gurmukh family of supporters and contribute construction material or cash,whatever amount you can afford to help us reach our goal. Cash donations to:Yayasan Sosial Guru Nanak, Bank Permata (cabang ITC-Fatmawati) # 0701351959

And finally please ponder on the following Thuk from Sri Guru Granth Sahib page: 366





Some form alliances with friends, children and siblings. Some form alliances with in-laws and relatives. Some form alliances with chiefs and leaders for their own selfish motives. My alliance is with the Lord, who is All-pervading. ||1|| I have formed my alliance with the Lord; the Lord is my only support. Other than the Lord, I have no other faction or alliance; I sing of the countless and endless Glorious Praises of the Lord. Pause. Those with whom you form alliances, will perish. Making false alliances, the mortals repent and regret in the end. Those who practice falsehood will not last. I have formed my alliance with the Lord; there is no one more powerful than Him. All these alliances are mere extensions of the love of Maya. Only fools argue over Maya. They are born, and they die, and they lose the game of life in the gamble. My alliance is with the Lord, who embellishes all, in this world and the next. In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, the five thieves (i.e., all evil passions such as lust, anger, greed, etc.) instigate alliances and conflicts.”

Finally to those “Gurmukh Dyaloos” who wish to  help please kindly donate to help us meet the remaining US $ 50,000 expected cost. Donations   or cheques/drafts/money orders  should be made in favor of :

Yayasan Sosial Guru Nanak

c/o Bank Permata

cabang ITC- Fatmawati,Jakarta Selatan.


Account number 0701351959,

Swift code BBBAIDJA

Thank you for your kindness, May Waheguru Bless you.

On behalf of the Parbhandak Committee Gurdwara Yayasan Sosial Guru Nanak

,Jl.Merpati Raya 103,Ciputat,Tangerang Selatan.Banten

Gur Sikhaan di Charan Dhur

Balwant Singh

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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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“Anak –anak cantik muda yang tampak dalam foto  ini begitu penuh cahaya, kebahagiaan, kasih, sukacita, kegembiraan, keluguan dan keindahan. Sebagai orang dewasa, tugas kita adalah untuk melatih mereka, mengajar mereka, belajar dari mereka, namun menetapkan dasar dan struktur bagi mereka untuk unggul. Ini adalah tugas kita untuk meletakkan dasar sehingga mereka dapat terus menjadi bahagia dan sukses dalam hidup mereka di dunia ini). Kami mencoba untuk membantu dalam proses ini dengan menciptakan sumber daya dan jasa yang diarahkan pada anak-anak, dengan cara bahwa anak-anak zaman sekarang kita dapat berhubungan dengan dan memahami.".

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